inviting real emotion and connection into your photoshoots

The workshop

Lemme guess...

When you leave a photoshoot, you're feeling defeated, worried about how awkward your clients felt?

You feel like you keep using  the same old prompts and poses eeeeverytime

Getting the guy on board is a real struggle, and you fear the 'stiff' and awkward vibes even before you show up to the photoshoot.

You feel like it's all up to you - like you need to perform for your couples in order to get real emotion and excitement out of them - and you're freaken tired.

Natural and candid moments is all you want form a session - yet it's just not happening for you and your couples.

You crave those real moments, the deeper story and connection - you want to take photos with more depth and meaning and substance.

The Connect workshop was worth every cent, minute and energy that I spent there.
This workshop went far beyond my expectations -

learnt so much not only about photography but how to connect with people and why I started this journey into wedding photography. Lika gave so much of herself during our time at the workshop from all her photography knowledge, encouraging us ever step of the way & her insanely good coffee & cooking skills it was the trip of a lifetime & I would recommend it to anyone, whether you're a beginner or a pro in the field the level of connection in this workshop is remarkable!

I'm a better photographer & storyteller for it.

- Bronwyn

What if 

It wasn't all up to you (take that pressure off you)

You could move away from  trying to remember generic prompts that leaves your work always looking the same

Freeing you up to focus on telling a story,

Creating an experience that leaves them with more than just epic photos - but with real moments.

Your shoots had a flow and rhythmn to it, that lead to real connection and authentic moments.

Move away from couples always relying on you for what to do - and rather create a space where real emotion and moments of intimacy and connection can happen 

You felt more confident walking into a session. Secure in the value you offer.

You are able to work in all kinds of locations, for those rainy days, and less than ideal settings.

Your clients raved about the experience - even before they see the photos. 

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Welcome to Connect. 

What you will learn:

the 2 day photography experience that will transform your work

19-20 July 2022



Price includes breakfast and lunch for the two days.
Travel  and accommodation costs are for your own account.

Limited spots left

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the mindset behind connection

It's not a very natural thing to be photogrpaher, so how the heck to we get natural photos?

No two people are the same and there are no formulas for people.
Real emotion and connection can't be faked -  so we start off by looking at the mindset behind connection and what we can do to create a space where real emotion and connection can take place.



setting the tone, pace and expectation for a shoot

Learn what to say, and how to say it, in order to  prepare your clients for a photoshoot, so that when they show up, they are already connected open minded and excited for the photoshoot.


Environment and personality

Learn how to work with different personality types (honouring both introverts and extroverts).
Working with different location (We all know that not all venues or locations are the same - some are harder than others)


during the shoot

How to set the pace and expectation for the shoot in the first 10 minutes.

How to hold space for real emotion. 
How to invite joy and intimacy into a photoshoot.
The importance and place of movement.
The balance between direction and distraction - how much should you actually direct when it comes to real moments.

Composition, Lighting and Gear choices.

Working with group and individual photos

Inviting connection and real emotion into group photos.

How to pose individuals for portrait photos.



1 portfolio building styled shoots , editing your photos

A unique opportunity to go and practice what we have learned. 
 Work with couples, ask questions after the session.
Editing your photos
Build your portfolio


 marketing, websites, workflow

The power of storytelling - and how to use it to connect to the right people.

Website basics and attracting and booking clients from social media.

Setting up a workflow that helps you to work smarter, not harder.

Q&A sessions after each session. 


community building

We aren't meant to do business or life alone.

Network and connect with fellow photographers, share the journey and learn from each other while sipping wine under the start in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa.

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Let's do this thing!

You badass!!!!
Can't wait to meet you and see how you are going to grow!!!

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