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Customisable, editable template and guides to help you up level your game and enhance your client experience


Email templates

Photographers, Keep getting ghosted and wonder what on earth you are doing wrong? Want to know EXACTLY what to say to your clients, and guide them like a pro every step of the way.

Are you spending HOURS writing every single email from scratch because it needs your *personal* touch?

Say hello to our email template pack.
I've spent years crafting and perfecting these emails to answer pain points, add value, ROCK my clients experience .

Not only will they help you stand out from the crowd, but when you customise them in your own voice and style you will create instant connections, showcase your personality, and actually get inquiries to book.


- 27 Pages filled with every single email I send my clients. My entire email workflow (questionnaires included)
Helping you set expectations before shoots, building trust and connection from your very first email and helping you deal with sticky situation and hard to answer questions, like " Can I get your raw photos? or Can I get a discount."


Outfit guide

Want to help your clients pick the PERFECT outfit for their session? This customizable guide is for any photographer who wants kick things up a notch by offering their clients an outfit guide helping them with what to wear.

After studying fashion for 4 years, I used all my syling know how to put together this guide for you with tips on choosing colour patterns, styles to match locations, using textures to uplevel any outfit and so much more!!!

 Find 21 customizable pages that walk your clients through chooing a killer outfit for their session. It comes filled with copy and some essential colour info and graphics, but add some of you own words and killer photos and you’re ready to go! I designed it on Canva (a free program) because it is SOOO easy to customize. Grab  this guide and start going above and beyond for your clients  today!


- 21 professionally designed pages with everything your clients needs to know to pick a killer outfit.
- SUPER easy fully customisable Canva template.


Welcome guide

Enhance your client experience, wow your brides and make their wedding planning SO MUCH EASIER by sending them this welcome guide.

First off, sending. a little gift and guide is a great way to build trust, but more then that, truly serve your couples like a total pre by setting expectations, sharing your experience and knowledge by sharing vital information they wished they knew before their wedding day.

This fully customisable guide includes tips for before, on and after their wedding day. family photo tips, first look advise, couple shoot expectation and gives you the unique ability to expertly guide your clients in all part related to your service to them (And their wedding day in general)


- 26 Page professionally designed guide.
- Fully customisable Canva template, with copy examples and prompts on each page.


Pricing guide

Move away from just sharing your prices, and welcome your clients into an experience.
Learn exactly what you need to put into your pricing guide to WOW you clients from the first click.
Share your best work, where to put those raving reviews, build trust and connection right off the bat.

This guide has two parts. Part one (the nitty gritty, what to include in your pricing and why. Part two, is the actual customisable design. Easy to use Canva professionally designed template.


- 16 professionally designed pages with about me section, review section, pricing guide, add ons albums, FAQ's
- SUPER easy fully customisable Canva template.
- Comes with Pricing guide how to. Giving you all the dirt on what you need to put together a killer Pricing guide to wow you new potential clients.

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Contract template

Let's avoid a lawsuit, okay?

We've all been in sticky situations before, and one of the first and most important items you need in your photography career, is a iron clad contract. To not just protect yourself and your business, but to also give your clients peace of mind.

Want to make sure your business is covered if clients cancel, add additional hours of coverage, want a refund for unforeseen circumstances,  want endless edits, want a different editing style and are asking for a refund due to artistic differences and so much more.

This baby is a wopper of a contract and will conver you for almost any cicrumstance. 




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